Last date to file ITR for Individuals is 31 August 2019

GST Registration

GST Registration

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GST Registration is required for :

  1. Voluntary GST registration: You can register for GST Voluntarily and it will help you in reducing your cost and thus margin.
  2. Upon Reaching Turnover of 20 Lakh for services and 40 lakhs for goods: If your current supply of service is over Rs. 20 lakh or goods Rs. 40 Lakhs you need to obtain GST Registration (North Eastern states, Rs. 10 lakh/20 lakhs).
  3. Inter-State Sales or Service provider: Anyone supplying goods or services to another state, need to apply for GST regardless of turnover. Even online service provider serving customers in another State will instantly attract GST registration.
  4. E-commerce operator: owner and operators of digital platform for e-commerce. Eg: Flipkart, Amazon etc.
  5. Vendors selling through Ecommerce Portals: Persons who supply goods or services through ecommerce sites
  6. Non- Residents & Importers: Any Non-resident person or company supplying goods or services in India need to take the registration regardless of turnover.
  7. Supplier of Online Information: Any person supplying online information and database services from outside India to a person in India need to register irrespective of turnover

We help in getting GST registration at lowest price Rs. 499 plus GST for individual and Rs. 999 plus GST for Firm and Companies.